Your 8 Local Indie Bands in One Night for a Fundraising Event at PUP Sta. Mesa

This is more than just an event. But this is a HISTORY.


Are you into listening of the bands? Or patronizing songs that are our own?

Then this is your time and see yourself as part of this  first ever major indie concert in the university!

The PUP College of Architecture and Fine Arts offers you this one night together with the local indie bands that are also hoping to see you there. Make yourselves available together with your friends, classmates and the one ❤





  1. Jensen and The Flips0be03a2374b35d9fa371e81b78e76de5

This are composed of 7 gifted individuals namely Jensen Gomez on lead vocals and guitar, Lorenz Padilla on bass and back-up vocals, Miggy Concepcion on Keyboards, Michael Gemina on drums and back-up vocals, Sam Valenia on guitar and back-up vocals, Mel Roño on guitar, and Carlo Maraingan on percussion. Their album was produced by Yellow Room Music Philippines and digitally distributed by MCA Music.



2. Kokovania


On the Genre like OPM, Alternative rock, Punk rock, experimental, Kokovania has already marked a name on the music industry. With Mark Payawal on the Vocals and Guitar, Aldrin Ward as the Backup Vocals, Vincent Tan on Guitar, Titus Bucayan for the Rhythm, Aron Sarmiento on the Bass, JM Leaño on Drums and Rod Villaruel on the Keyboard and Synth.

3. BennyBunnyBand


BennyBunnyBand is an electrifying three piece band composed of Benny Giron on ukulele, Ess Bobadilla on bass, and Jhenico dela Cruz on drums. The band established their own music genre which people now call “Kuneho Rock”. The three are coffee, sugar and hot water – a perfect blend for live wire madness that could sure perk your energy up.



4. Lowtops


The CAFA’s very own and the 2016 PUP CAFA Battle of the Bands Champion. Karl Singson on the Vocals, Rustan Campo on Keys, Jaimes Domagas on the Bass, Marc Edrada and  Jervis Cruz – Guitars and Curt Cruz on Drums.

5. The Slice


A newly formed band last march 10,2012 of young and fresh skilled talented individuals, that promise to cut your heart out. In terms of their own originals opm music.A Pop- rock alternative group to soothe your mind and soul. Marchristian Gregg Ligutan on Lead Guitar/Vocals, Jurwin De Velleres on drums/Vocals and Moriz Godoy on the Bass.

6. Tom’s Story


Tom’s Story is an instrumental rock trio based in Manila, Philippines. Comprised by Gabba Santiago (guitar), Tom Naval (bass), and Christer de Guia (drums), the band officially formed in 2010, during their senior year in high school. Heavily influenced by Taking Back Sunday and Circa Survive, they started playing at punk shows south of Manila.



7. Reese Lansangan


Reese Lansangan is a 25 year old indie pop-folk artist, visual artist, graphic designer, fashion designer, published author,  and singer – songwriter. Slightly crude and sometimes crass, she’s relentless in letting the world know of her opinion. With her signature wit, tongue-in-cheek humor, and vocal looping prowess, Reese commands the stage with her awkward banter and her ability to connect with people who appreciates general weirdness, injected into pop earworms.



8. TheSunManager

I feel like TheSunManager is an embodiment of that choice. The songs tell stories of choosing hope and positivity even through the tough times. I think that TheSunManager is a pair of empty shoes that anybody can wear. It’s a constant reminder for me that I have a choice. Hopefully, the songs can serve as a reminder for you as well.- April Hernandez


So join us and enjoy the good music  on January 27, 2017, 6:00 pm to 10 pm at PUP-NDC Basketball Court.

Gates will be open at 5 p. m.
This event is open for all!

Ticket Prices:
Regular – Php 200.00
General Public – Php 220.00

****We’ll be requesting every PUPians to bring proof of identification upon entering the venue to validate your ticket. Failure to present identification will automatically be charged with additional 20.00 for those who bought regular ticket and 70.00 for those who bought the early bird ticket.

You can get yours directly from any PUP CAFA SC Officers or proceed to the CAFA SC Office located at the ground floor student center or you can contact any of the following:
Robinson 09367801194
Ivy 0939 270 5442

Justine 0999 948 2066


Christian 0905 720 8562

Bee 0927 775 8677

You can text a number above and send them a messsage with this format
Type RESERVATION, Full Name, CourseYear&Section, Number of tickets, Contact #, Payment Date

For Non-PUPians meet up points are the ff:

NOTE: All Information and photos are gathered and taken from the bands’ websites, Facebook page and any available infos from the web


Once upon a time at CEA

How can you resist that atistic works,products and design? 15894425_184230335385237_7045173735191940412_nMARK YOUR CALENDARS. SAVE THE DATE. RELIVE THE ARTISTRY IN YOU and join the Butingting Bazaar at 2nd floor PUP CEA hallway on January 19 to 21 starting 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Butingtinf Bazaar offers creative and ingenious crafts, tasteful foods, seminars/workshops and many more to watch out in our event. Products with complete details will be posted soon in the next few days. #Butingting #ButingtingBazaar#PUPBSID #InteriorDesign


For more details



Rebanal, PUP BSID Student bags gold medal on Karate do held on the Netherlands

PUP first year Interior Design Student Marionne Mae C. Rebanal is a gold medalist on Karate do on the recent 2016 Dutch Tournament Friendship Games that was held on Amsterdam the Netherlands last December 9, 2016.

Marionne Rebanal is a member of PH Typhoons Karate do team that represents the Philippines that fought against Belgium, France, Iran and the host country, Holland.

She won together with the back-to-back champion of ISKF World Shoto Cup James Delos Santos, Chloe Angeles, and Engene Stoner Barro Dagohoy.

She was influenced by the movies of Jackie Chan and per se his father who was a taekwondo player.

Rebanal involved herself in karate since she was 8 years old and now a part of Karate national team.

The whole department of Interior Design and PUP College of Architecture and Fine Arts are proud of you!

Disclaimer: Photos and videos doesn’t belongs to the blogger. Credit to the owners.



You are Gold


I’ve been contemplating things lately,
And then I realized,
It has been so long that I’m not really thinking.
I thought I was thinking.
I was trying to understand the wisdom of this world,
Then I saw before it will,
It will just destroy me, you.
The world will offer you so many things,
Great things!
But at the end you will just see that you are deceived.
My heart breaks as I looked around me,
They are dying.
Dying not physically,
But dying from the things that really matters.
They thought they are living,
But happy for just a short period of time.
They learned to become pretentious,
But they are broken inside.
I can see it, I am sure.
I’ve been there.
Remind yourself,
Remember yourself.
It’s not the real you.
You used to be happiest person before,
The joy that no money can buy.
You used to be the faithful one,
The one who never lied to anyone,
Because you understand how it feels like to be deceived.
You used to be the strong one,
The one who even takes and listens to the problems of your love ones;
You don’t want them to fight alone.
You used to be consistent;
You even declared that you are unstoppable.
You already thought that it’s you,
Because you saw that it is what the world approves.
You let yourself be conform by the patterns of this world,
You let yourself be molded the way the world wants you to be,
Even if you know it’s hurting you inside, killing you inside.
You are not selfish, you are not bad,
You are not bitch, you are not liar.
You don’t need to claim that you are,
You don’t need to be.
There are still people believing.
You might got hurt, you might got lost,
You might got deceived, you might got broken.
But a gold that is melted by pressure will always be gold.
Let yourself be restored.
Let yourself be renewed.
Let yourself be redeemed.
You were not born like that,
You are destined for something greater,
Something that is beyond you.
And not the worst in you.
You can make a difference,
You are gold.

SilyaWikain: Binigkas, Binagtas, Binigkis

SilyaWikain: Binigkas, Binagtas, Binigkis”

PUP Interior Design annual Furniture Exhibit

Muling magbubukas ang Taunang Eksibisyon ng mga Silya sa pangunguna ng BS Interior Design Class of 2016 ngayong ika- 22 ng Oktubre hanggang ika- 4 ng Nobyembre sa Il Centro – Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal na pinamagatang: “SilyaWikain: Binigkas, Binagtas, Binigkis”


Natatanging eksibit ng mga luklukan na nagpupugay sa karangyaan ng ating kultura at ng lingguwaheng Filipino.

Binigkas ang mga salitang nilimot na ng kasalukuyan. Binagtas ang daan ng malikhaing proseso ng paggawa. At, binigkis ang bawat isa para sa iisang layunin- ang pagsasabuhay ng Wikang Pambansa sa pamamagitan ng muwebles at debuho.


Mula sa Kolehiyo ng Arkitektura at Belyas Artes – Politeknikong Unibersidad ng Pilipinas, binigyang sigla ng dalawampu’t siyam (29) na dibuhante ang ating lingguwahe sa pamamagitan ng haplos ng sining sa bawat disenyo ng sampung (10) tradisyunal na upuan.


Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
Cainta, Rizal, Philippines


Saturday, October 22, 2016 11:00 AM – Friday, November 4, 2016 9:00 PM



We’ve got plans. Yes I got it. But there are moments that we lost attentions, and we don’t understand why suddenly we saw ourselves doing things not according and aligned to our desired plans and where we should be going.
Concentration, that’s it. For there are times we are not attentive on the things we intended to goal. But before we restore our concentration on things we should eye on, we need first to identify the reasons why it seems like we are already losing the track.

1.You are not in FOCUS. Because you tend to look on other things more than on what you should prioritize. You allowed these things to caught your attention and now you are making yourself less committed and neglect your priority. Re align yourself to your focus, for what you allow is what will continue.

2. You are not SERIOUS. You are not serious because you don’t understand the value and cost of what you are doing. For you will never pay attention and invest for something that you haven’t seen and understand what will be its fruit.

3. You think that it’s only a REQUIREMENT. You are getting tired because you think you just need to do it for the sake of doing it.

Do everything for, in and with LOVE. For love is the prerequisite of commitment. You cannot just simply allow yourself to continue with something you do not love. And we are talking about genuine commitment. For only in love we can find forever, that endures, that believes, that trusts, and that hopes.

The Artist on Queue


An another day, and another time,

I’ve always been dreaming I’m ‘bout to shine,

Even all the lyrics are not in rhyme,

I know that on achieving my dreams I’m next in line.


“You cannot even do it”, that’s what some people say,

And some might even try to throw all your dreams away.

“I’ll always have a great day”, to me I would say,

My dreams are worth chasing after, I’m at the array.


Some sketches here, another sketches there,

Concepts and new ideas everywhere.

This’ my dream and some might not even care,

But this’ one thing I know, I will be there.


I know that there are things still I need to pass,

And go in and go out and attend my class.

Ride a jeepney, a train, and enter a bus,

And I won’t be there, if here I never was.


To be an interior designer, that’s what I want,

But I still have to work for it for the days will count,

Forget all the of the pains and ignore even the taunts,

On the right time I know, I’ll reach the top of that Mount.


And right now, I am an artist on Queue,

Like of the most and even of the few.

And whatever this life brings and it’s hue,

Bethink, your dreams just always requires you.