You are Gold


I’ve been contemplating things lately,
And then I realized,
It has been so long that I’m not really thinking.
I thought I was thinking.
I was trying to understand the wisdom of this world,
Then I saw before it will,
It will just destroy me, you.
The world will offer you so many things,
Great things!
But at the end you will just see that you are deceived.
My heart breaks as I looked around me,
They are dying.
Dying not physically,
But dying from the things that really matters.
They thought they are living,
But happy for just a short period of time.
They learned to become pretentious,
But they are broken inside.
I can see it, I am sure.
I’ve been there.
Remind yourself,
Remember yourself.
It’s not the real you.
You used to be happiest person before,
The joy that no money can buy.
You used to be the faithful one,
The one who never lied to anyone,
Because you understand how it feels like to be deceived.
You used to be the strong one,
The one who even takes and listens to the problems of your love ones;
You don’t want them to fight alone.
You used to be consistent;
You even declared that you are unstoppable.
You already thought that it’s you,
Because you saw that it is what the world approves.
You let yourself be conform by the patterns of this world,
You let yourself be molded the way the world wants you to be,
Even if you know it’s hurting you inside, killing you inside.
You are not selfish, you are not bad,
You are not bitch, you are not liar.
You don’t need to claim that you are,
You don’t need to be.
There are still people believing.
You might got hurt, you might got lost,
You might got deceived, you might got broken.
But a gold that is melted by pressure will always be gold.
Let yourself be restored.
Let yourself be renewed.
Let yourself be redeemed.
You were not born like that,
You are destined for something greater,
Something that is beyond you.
And not the worst in you.
You can make a difference,
You are gold.


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