We’ve got plans. Yes I got it. But there are moments that we lost attentions, and we don’t understand why suddenly we saw ourselves doing things not according and aligned to our desired plans and where we should be going.
Concentration, that’s it. For there are times we are not attentive on the things we intended to goal. But before we restore our concentration on things we should eye on, we need first to identify the reasons why it seems like we are already losing the track.

1.You are not in FOCUS. Because you tend to look on other things more than on what you should prioritize. You allowed these things to caught your attention and now you are making yourself less committed and neglect your priority. Re align yourself to your focus, for what you allow is what will continue.

2. You are not SERIOUS. You are not serious because you don’t understand the value and cost of what you are doing. For you will never pay attention and invest for something that you haven’t seen and understand what will be its fruit.

3. You think that it’s only a REQUIREMENT. You are getting tired because you think you just need to do it for the sake of doing it.

Do everything for, in and with LOVE. For love is the prerequisite of commitment. You cannot just simply allow yourself to continue with something you do not love. And we are talking about genuine commitment. For only in love we can find forever, that endures, that believes, that trusts, and that hopes.


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