The Artist on Queue


An another day, and another time,

I’ve always been dreaming I’m ‘bout to shine,

Even all the lyrics are not in rhyme,

I know that on achieving my dreams I’m next in line.


“You cannot even do it”, that’s what some people say,

And some might even try to throw all your dreams away.

“I’ll always have a great day”, to me I would say,

My dreams are worth chasing after, I’m at the array.


Some sketches here, another sketches there,

Concepts and new ideas everywhere.

This’ my dream and some might not even care,

But this’ one thing I know, I will be there.


I know that there are things still I need to pass,

And go in and go out and attend my class.

Ride a jeepney, a train, and enter a bus,

And I won’t be there, if here I never was.


To be an interior designer, that’s what I want,

But I still have to work for it for the days will count,

Forget all the of the pains and ignore even the taunts,

On the right time I know, I’ll reach the top of that Mount.


And right now, I am an artist on Queue,

Like of the most and even of the few.

And whatever this life brings and it’s hue,

Bethink, your dreams just always requires you.



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